Conceptual rendering for contemporary re-development of a historic office building in New Orleans by GOATstudio

Broadmoor Medical Office

In 2017, GOAT began working with a local medical practice to re-develop an existing structure in the Broadmoor neighborhood.  The re-imagined and expanded structure will serve as the practice’s new home with addtional spa-like treatment amenities. The new facility will occupy two floors and include eight exam rooms, seven treatment rooms, four office and a physical therapy center. Construction is…

Rendering of the re-developed street front for a contemporary community center by GOATstudio

Algiers Community Center

2017, GOAT began working with the leadership of the Greater St. Mary Baptist Church to re-develop an old laundry facility into a new multi-purpose center for community events and outreach. The project will refresh the existing building’s exterior and create a large open plan on the interior, turning a blighted, vacant site into a beacon for the neighborhood. Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.

St. Roch Avenue Shotguns

Shortly after the Shotgun [Remix] project won the AIA’s Designing Recovery competition, St. Bernard Project (SBP) commissioned GOAT to further develop the design for affordable construction. A contemporary re-interpretation of the classic “shotgun” typology, the St. Roch Avenue houses signify a new chapter in New Orleans’ rich architectural story. Today, the three completed houses are home to three happy, growing families and GOAT continues to develop contemporary, affrordable housing prototypes for New Orleans neighborhoods.

Garden District Re-Model

In early 2017, GOAT working with a growing family in New Orleans’ Garden District to re-imagine and expand their historic Civil War era home. The new finishes reflect the edgy playfulness of our client’s personalities as well as GOAT’s commitment to always delivering truly unique spaces.

Concept rendering for warehouse office module by GOATstudio

Studio3 Office Module

By using inexpensive, industrial materials like OSB, the module will look right at home in the space of the shop.  However, when the lights go down and the party starts, the module’s polycarbonate panels will glow like a beacon, visible from every corner of the space.