Garden District Re-Model

Kitchen 02
Renovated kitchen with new layout, finishes, fixtures, and casework

Since 2015, GOAT has been working with a growing family in New Orleans’ Garden District to re-imagine and expand their historic Civil War era home. GOAT has assisted in the master plan for the home’s growth in the coming years and an extensive re-imagining of the interior and exterior living spaces.  In early 2017, GOAT worked with Buckeye Contractors to execute a complete renovation of the family kitchen and expand the house to add a bar and master wardrobe.

Bar 02
Bar addition; The house’s envelope was expanded to capture previously unused exterior space
Kitchen 04
Renovated kitchen

While maintaining a tangible connection to the home’s historic roots, the new spaces are decidedly contemporary to meet the family’s modern needs.  The finishes selected reflect the edgy playfulness of our client’s personalities as well as GOAT’s commitment to always delivering truly unique spaces.

Bar 03
Bar addition
Conceptual rendering of bar addition


Kitchen 03
Renovated kitchen


Conceptual rendering of kitchen renovation
Bar 01
Bar addition
Kitchen 05
Renovated kitchen
Details 04
Detail view of bar ceiling and pendant lighting
Details 01
Detail view of kitchen chandelier
Details 03
Detail view of bar shou sugi ban wood ceiling and wood veneer panels
Details 02
Detail view of kitchen accent wall tile

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